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Lawyers’ Professional Liability

This product is underwritten by Fidelidade Macau - Insurance Company Limited

As per Administrative Regulation No. 40/2003, It is hereby established the compulsoriness of the professional liability insurance for lawyers, which guarantees the indemnities that may be legally required to be paid for patrimonial loss or damage caused to third parties, resulting exclusively from acts omissions or non-fulfillment of obligations on the part of the lawyers in the course of their professional activity.

The insurance equally covers the legal liability in respect of third parties for which the lawyer may be held responsible for acts or omissions on the part of his non-lawyer staff and of the trainee lawyers, so too for accidents caused to third parties within the office premises of the lawyer.

The above product information is for reference only.
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The annual premium is calculated based on the selected limit of liability and excess for each and every claim, according to following table:

lawyer excess eng2

Lawyer Premium = Limit of Liability X Premium Rate X (1 – NCB% + Surcharge%)

Trainee-Lawyer Premium = 25% x Lawyer Premium

Non-Lawyer Staff Premium = 10% x Lawyer Premium

The minimum Limit of Liability established by Law is MOP 2,000,000

For policies with no claims in a policy year, a No Claim Bonus (NCB) will be offered in the subsequent year. This NCB can be accumulated by year.

Lawyer PL table

For policies with one or more valid claims in a policy year, no NCB will be offered in the subsequent year and an additional premium for adverse loss experience shall be charged:

lawyer premium eng

The proposal for insurance shall contain the following particulars:

  • Identification of the lawyer and respective lawyer’s office address
  • Identification of trainee lawyers and non-lawyer staff, and their employment date
  • Period of insurance
  • Retroactive date
  • Limit of liability
  • Excess (amount which, in case of claim, shall be the responsibility of the lawyer)