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[PROMOTION] Guaranteed Savings 3 Years

New Promotion From 13/09/2021 until 17/12/2021 |  GUARANTEED CREDITING INTEREST RATE UP TO MOP 1.25% | HKD 1.35% | USD 1.45% SUSCRIBE NOW! Click here for more information. Download the Product Leaflet here.


[NEWS] Fidelidade Macau launches a Covid-19 Vaccination Support Plan for all its Employees

Macao, June 9, 2021 – Fidelidade Macau launched a support plan to encourage all its employees to take the COVID-19 available vaccines under the Macao’s SAR Government “COVID-19 Vaccination Programme, by providing several benefits for those vaccinated until August 31, 2021. Following the current situation related with the COVID-19 pandemic,...


    Pension Fund information (in USD) [2021-09-23]

  • Guaranteed Capital$12.49
  • International Stable$14.60
  • International Opportunities$17.84
  • Greater China Opportunities$14.05
  • Emerging Markets Opportunities$12.84
  • SmartSafe$10.84

Individual Life Insurance

Fidelidade Life understands you will not wish to shift any financial burdens to your loved ones or want to...

“EasySecure” Personal Accident Insurance

You can enjoy a comprehensive protection for accidents for as low as $1.70# a day! Subscription is simple.  ...

Employees’ Compensation Insurance (for Domestic Helper)

In accordance with the Decree-Law no. 40/95/M of 14th August 1995 (Employees’ Compensation Insurance Ordinance), it is compulsory for...

Home Protection Insurance

WHY DO I NEED A HOUSEHOLD INSURANCE? Accidents like fire, flooding, typhoon, burglary or other unexpected events could suddenly...