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Fidelidade in Macao presents its 2021 Companies Results

The Life and Non-Life insurers of the Fidelidade group in Macao achieved an aggregate profit of 42.2 million patacas in 2021, representing a growth of 24% compared with the previous year, despite the context of the covid-19 pandemic and its indirect impacts experienced by the Macao economy, stated by Mr. Paulo...


    Pension Fund information (in USD) [2022-06-29]

  • Guaranteed Capital$12.13
  • International Stable$12.83
  • International Opportunities$14.54
  • Greater China Opportunities$12.50
  • Emerging Markets Opportunities$10.30
  • SmartSafe$10.24

Individual Life Insurance

Fidelidade Life understands you will not wish to shift any financial burdens to your loved ones      ...

EasySecure Personal Accident Insurance

Accident happens, anytime anywhere! Minor accidents might cause you financial loss that is merely negligible. However, when running into...

Employees’ Compensation Insurance (for Domestic Helper)

Compulsory for all employers to subscribe Employees’ Compensation Insurance for their employees, to cover occupational accidents (including fatal) and...

Home Protection Insurance

Accidents like fire, flooding, typhoon, burglary or other unexpected events                  ...