[NEWS] Fidelidade Macau launches a Covid-19 Vaccination Support Plan for all its Employees

Macao, June 9, 2021 – Fidelidade Macau launched a support plan to encourage all its employees to take the COVID-19 available vaccines under the Macao’s SAR GovernmentCOVID-19 Vaccination Programme, by providing several benefits for those vaccinated until August 31, 2021.

Following the current situation related with the COVID-19 pandemic, the company wants to show its strong commitment with the Macao’s Government best efforts on this issue, contributing to protect the community, pushing to a faster group immunity and economic recovery, benefiting all its citizens.

To motivate its employees, the program offers extra days leave and cash coupons to all employees who are vaccinated. According to a defined goal, everyone could be entitled to a lucky-draw with very attractive prizes.

“As the designated Insurer to provide coverage for possible adverse reactions/side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines under the Macao’s Government Vaccination Programme and following the continuous focus on our Corporate Social responsibility towards the local communities, we walk side by side with the Government’s best efforts to maintain the population as safe as possible, and supporting a fast economic recovery.” said Mr. Paulo Barbosa, Chief Executive Officer at Fidelidade Macau.

Mr. Ivan Cheung, Executive Director also took the opportunity to comment this: Fidelidade is always concern with the wellbeing of its employees. In this sense, we want to assure that we maintain a safe work environment, for ourselves and for our Clients. We only can respect and keep up with the Governments excellent work on maintaining the city protected by encouraging our colleagues to get vaccinated.”

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