Code of Conduct

The conduct of the Fidelidade Group’s insurance companies is driven by a set of fundamental values and principles that enable the Group to maintain its strong position in the market.

The Group assumes two key commitments:

⇒ Ethical Commitment

The Fidelidade Group adopts a strictly ethical approach in its relations with customers and, in general, with all the people and entities it comes into contact with.

⇒ Compliance Commitment

The Fidelidade Group complies fully with the legislation, rules, codes and standards in force, on all aspects relating to its business.

These commitments are constant and wide-ranging, i.e. they are assumed every day right across the Group and require the contribution of all.

The principles, rules, compliance procedures and ethical and professional conduct that are part of this Code of Conduct reflect the Fidelidade Group’s values. They are a decisive factor in what makes us different and in our success, and they define the behaviour expected of all employees.

They build on our commitment to doing ethical business, within the global compliance culture we have implemented to benefit our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and society in general.

Daily, the Fidelidade Group faces situations where integrity, honesty and ethics will play a crucial role. These qualities are invaluable for our business partners who place their trust in us.

It is crucial that we remain aware of this, but, above all, our customers and those we interact with daily must clearly see that the Fidelidade Group does not simply comply with the law, but goes much further. In short, they must see that Fidelidade does the right thing.

Please consult the Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct here.